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About Musafir is a premium-experience travel website. They offer flights to over 3,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 85,000 properties around the world, endless holiday experiences and much more.

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Musafir 2017 Valid Coupons & Latest Deals

Top Coupons & Deals in Musafir

  • Avail Flat 15% Discount

    Avail 15% OFF On Domestic Flights

    Expires in 1 Day 8 Hours Terms & Conditions
  • Avail Flat Rs.10000 Discount

    Expires in 1 Day 8 Hours Terms & Conditions
  • Expires in 1 Day 8 Hours Terms & Conditions
  • Air India Freedom Sale - 10% OFF

    Expires in 1 Day 8 Hours Terms & Conditions
  • Flat 10% OFF

    Flat 10% Discount On Domestic Flights

  • Get 10% Discount

    10% OFF On Domestic Flights

  • Get 10% OFF

    Get 10% OFF On International Flights

  • 15% Discount

    Get 15% OFF On Domestic Flights

  • Get Rs.500 OFF

  • Flight Booking To Australia With Singapore Airline

    Expires in 8 Hours 6 Minutes Terms & Conditions
    Starting for Rs.47000 (Not valid on travel agents. Travel between 1st Aug, 2017 - 15th July, 2018) only
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The Travel agency for Dream Destinations

Musafir was first established in the United Arab Emirates (or UAE) before it was established in India in the year 2010. And as far as its reach in the UAE went, it is a premium level travel store in the Emirates, and it is a wonderful travel store for any kind of traveler or vacationer.

Musafir Supports the Worldwide Travel Bug

In recent years, more and more people have been bitten by the travel bug. And now it’s practically a surety that every person on the planet has a bucket list featuring the places they want to travel to in their lifetime. In fact, some have fallen in love with travelling so much, that they have even quit their jobs for it, or look specifically for careers where they have to travel a lot for work. And in those cases that either of the above scenarios or options is not possible, many people even put aside a “travel budget” or “vacation fund”, wherein they set aside money specifically for the purpose of travelling to various destinations. And in such a scenario, if you have access to Musafir discount coupons and Musafir cashback offers that you can avail from, there is no looking back from your dream destination.

However, travelling, especially when a person is a beginner-traveler, requires plenty of planning. And nothing can be more off-putting than complicated ticket-booking procedures, one’s destination not being on the list of conveyance destinations available, or other inconveniences in general. This is where Musafir can be your travel partner. For, Musafir prides itself first and foremost in being completely convenient for its customers. It also prides itself in ensuring that navigating their store is as simple as possible for its global users. And with the Musafir coupons and Musafir cashback offers from, be sure to make the most of your travel budget.

A Travel Agency Made for Travelers

In fact, the name of the store, “Musafir”, in itself means “traveler” in Arabic, thereby encapsulating the very target market that Musafir caters to: Travelers. This travel store boasts of offering more than 3000 destinations in its numerous travel options. As far as hotels and lodgings go, they have ties to more than 85,000 properties all over the globe. And Musafir also has a wide range of travel and holiday experience packages that their customers can choose from. has a variety of coupons for Musafir that you can avail. And their travel booking and planning services are blissful and without hassles. The easy convenience and their offer of travel experiences with great options for destinations on domestic as well as global scale, wrapped in good deals, with the amazing Musafir discount coupons makes Musafir a great travel partner for all.

Drool-Worthy Discounts for Musafir

To make your travelling experience even sweeter, all you need to do is pick a Musafir cashback offer or a coupon for Musafir that will give you a coupon code. Using this Musafir coupon code, you can get your cash back into your wallet every time you purchase. So gives you the ability to travel as you wish.

As this travel store was first established in the United Arab Emirates, Musafir was first incorporated under the Universal Travels & Tourism LLC. In its current chapter though, it now has firm roots in India. For, after its launch in India in 2010, Musafir followed with establishing a partnership with cricket star, Sachin Tendulkar, in 2013, where he became Musafir’s global brand ambassador. Musafir has since been going strong in the travel business. And it certainly looks like it is here to stay.

Hence, with its aim to make travel planning and booking as easy as pie for their customers in India, Musafir is definitely your online travel agency of choice. And with just a quick stop at, you could avail Musafir’s services at a considerable discount simply by opting for the Musafir coupon codes from

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  • Domestic Flights without using Coupon Code
    • Rs. 100 Rs. 100
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    • Rs. 0 Rs. 0
  • International Flights
    • Rs. 168 Rs. 168
    • Rs. 168 Rs. 168
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    • Rs. 0 Rs. 0
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