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About Styletag

Setting out as India's first online curated fashion and lifestyle destination, is a shopping website that hosts flash sales with curated styles for a limited period at up to 70% off. They curate designs from leading designers as well as the new stars on the horizon. The product portfolio of Styletag encompasses a range of affordable luxury products such as apparel, bags, shoes, home décor, toiletries and accessories such as scarves, watches, snoods, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Styletag, The Luxury Designer Store

Styletag was started in the year 1991. The founders of Styletag were Yashodhara and Sanjay Shroff. They had the idea to start a couture house in India that mainly catered to Indians but followed the same standards, and quality, and choice availability for international brands. And since its inception, Styletag has proven to be a force to be reckoned with on the fashion front in India. They have had numerous designers to their name. Styletag often became the launch pad for many new designers – many of whom became extremely famous afterwards. Fashion celebrities such as JJ Valaya, Priyadarshini Rao, and Anamika Khanna, among many others, are all names that they host at the store. So, any time you’re thinking of buying designer clothing, you now know where to stop. And in case you’re hesitant to indulge yourself just because of the prices, just stop at Here you’ll get some great discount coupons for Styletag and some fantastic Styletag cashback offers and Styletag coupon codes that will let you enjoy more for less!

A Leading Fashion Store through the Changing Times

Fashion, with its changing trends and volatile shifts in popular styles is no easy market to get into. And, after one gets into it, it’s even more grueling to maintain it and survive through the changing times and trends. But Styletag didn’t just manage this feat for more than a decade, it thrived on it. And it very effectively carved itself a thorough niche in the designer luxury fashion store category. In fact, in many areas, it has been and continues to be a leading store in this category in India! So much so that many designers still vie for the opportunity to sell their designs here. For, the general consensus is that, if Styletag sells it, then the designer is worth noticing. The Styletag discount coupons will give you much more purchasing power. So you won’t have to hold yourself back much when you’re browsing through the delectable designs and outfits available there. The Styletag coupon will help you maintain your budget as well as your style.

A Strong Reputation in the Fashion Arena

Styletag has strong ties with well-known designers and luxury craftsmen in the country. And, other than being a pioneer in the Indian fashion industry with its particular business model, Styletag was also instrumental in encouraging the practice of in-house fashion presentations in India. So, as anyone can see, both their business sense and fashion sense is one of the best you can find in the country!

Styletag also offers other fashion related services like professional styling advice. And it is also known for its co-branded fashion events – which has also become a common trend now, but wasn’t one when Styletag first started this practice. So, let the fashion pioneers cater to your fashion needs and be sure to avail great discounts with the Styletag coupons that will give you access to the Styletag coupon code.



Ample Flash Sales, Discount Offers, and Fashion Events to Indulge in

Styletag’s online store is known or its flash sales – sales which are available for a limited time with discounts up to 70%! And, if you add a Styletag discount coupon, or a Styletag cashback offer, from to the mix, you really have no excuse not to treat yourself at this gorgeous store! Plus, their product portfolio is high on luxury and quality throughout their beautiful range of products. So you’re certainly getting your money’s worth (and oh so much more!) when you decide to shop at And even just attending their many fashion events online is sure to make your day!

So, simply register at and login to get access to a wide range of Styletag coupon codes that will make your shopping experience even more eventful. 

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