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About BasicsLife is India's favourite menswear e-store. Basicslife is the lifestyle experience for men. From clothing to accessories, the ultimate fashion destination and the first-of-its-kind store in India.

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The Basics of  Life

Basics Life is a one of a kind apparel store that caters exclusively to men. Basics Life knows that menswear can be as versatile as women’s apparels. And they make sure that that is exactly what the choices for men’s clothing are like at this online store. Plus, if you visit the Basics Life store through, you’ll also get the chance to pick up great Basics Life coupons and Basics Life cashback offers which will do wonders at helping you stretch your budget.

Shopping for menswear can often be frustrating – both for men, and for the women who are shopping for them. There are actually a great number of choices for men’s apparel designs and styles, not to mention the various types of clothing. However, many stores, including unisex stores, often lack some of these styles. Basics Life seeks to change that, bringing you great and complete choices of men’s apparel like you’ve never seen before!

Wide range of men’s clothes

Basics Life first came to be in 1992. And since then, this online store has been growing in leaps and bounds! They currently have 110 brand outlets, 94 stores, and 600 MBOs all around the world. Their customers make up a whopping five million in number. And with the discount coupons for Basics Life, that you can avail from, you can have everything from shirts to trousers in every style imaginable. Jeans, shoes, T-shirts, socks, belts, trousers, shirts, and every other manner of men’s clothing in various international designs and fashion styles can be explored at cool prices with a Basics Life coupon. And you can find everything from men’s clothing to men’s accessories – from formal styles to casuals and everything a man can want in between. The three primary brands that Basics Life caters to are Probase, Basics 029, and Genesis.

Basics Life has the primary goal of being the best and foremost preferred menswear fashion stop. They want to be the be-all, end-all fashion destination and the best lifestyle store that men can have in India. Trendsetting is the main principle behind every products. And the Basics Life discount coupons offer sales on products in all seasons: Spring lines, summer clothing lines, winter collections, and fall fashions –all are part of the ongoing and complete styles that are available at this store. So, whatever season you’re shopping for, Basics Life is your one-stop destination for menswear. Avail amazing discounts with a Basics Life discount coupon from, which will help you save on your fantastic purchases as well.

New style at lesser price

Basics Life describes itself as an apparel store for the “New Age” man and offers everything from formal wear to casual wear to their customers. And a discount coupon for Basics Life adds to the excitement. But hey, it is a great store to shop at even if you’re a gal shopping for your guy friends, siblings, or your husband. Plus, makes available for you some splendid discount coupons for Basics Life and Basics Life cashback deals that will help you save a tidy amount on your purchases! And after that, what more encouragement could you possibly need?

So catch up with Basics Life discount coupon the next time you’re shopping exclusively for menswear. To avail the discount coupons, simply register at free of any cost. Register, login and browse the online store for your favorite men’s apparels. And be sure to enter the Basic Life coupon code while checking for the best and most stress-free shopping experience any man could possibly hope for! Happy shopping!

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Not many sites have such offers that has been providing. My friend had told me about them. I saw such variety from which I could pick and choose. It was just amazing. All major brands under one roof and cashback offers were just out of the world.

Tanisi Sharma, Delhi

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