PENNYFUL.IN Online CashBack Shopping : Best Practices

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Congratulations! You are now part of the growing online shoppers group who take the advantage of cashback shopping site:, where you save and earn upto 50% on your shopping bill as real money as cashback on every transaction on any of the 150+ online shopping sites that you make via

Imagine this scenario:

You are ready and prepared to buy an expensive mobile online and want to save money on your online purchase and you visit, the cashback shopping site to earn cashback before going to any of your favorite online shopping stores like,, and but you forgot to clear your PC/Laptop’s old cookies and later you come to know that your online transaction has not been tracked/recorded by’s advanced cutting edge tracking system and you end up losing 2.5% cashback on your mobile purchase.

No need to feel bad anymore for not getting cashback. We strongly urge you to follow the below guidelines and best practices and be assured for your next online shopping. Happy cashback shopping!

Cookie Blocking Softwares & Deletion

Have you installed any software that is prepared to protect your online privacy by not sharing your activities on websites? When you are making an online transaction through, your online transaction needs to be tracked by in order to credit you with your cashback.

Keeping this in mind, we suggest you to clean up your old cookies before you start shopping on on the following browsers.

  • Mozilla> Go to Tools -> Clear recent history -> Cookies -> Clear Now
  • Google Chrome > Customize and control Google Chrome> History> Clear all browsing data> Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data> Clear browsing data
  • Internet Explorer>Tools> Internet Options> General> Browsing History> Delete> Cookies> Delete

Browser Recommendation

We suggest you to use Firefox browser as it has greater tracking ability on’s advanced tracking system compared to other browsers.


Another very important best practice to adhere on is to avoid at any cost external coupon codes (coupon codes that are found outside of while doing shopping on

Multiple Transactions in One Session

To have your multiple transactions are tracked properly by Pennyful, advanced tracking system in a single session, we recommend the following steps

  • Close the online shopping site that you visited via for your transaction
  • Go back again to store page and click on shop now button
  • You will be taken to the shopping site in a new window
  • Complete the purchase as you did earlier
  • Repeat the above points as many times as you want.
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