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About Croma

Croma - Croma offers a world-class ambience to shop both in-store and online, giving customers a seamless ‘omni-channel’ shopping experience that lets him/ her enjoy the best. Croma ensures there is something for everyone with over 9000 products – Digital Gadgets like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets or Entertainment Solutions like Televisions, Sound Bars Home Theatres or Cameras Accessories for photography enthusiasts or Home Appliances like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines or Cooking Kitchen Appliances like Air Fryers, Soup Makers, Cooktops, Dishwashers. With over 300 brands and 120+ stores across 25+ major cities of India. Enjoy special cashback and rewards while you shop by saving with Croma Cash Back from Pennyful.

Special Conditions:

- You earn when we earn. Pennyful is not liable to pay any cashback / rewards if your order is not tracked or recorded for any reason.

- After being tracked in your account as "Pending", the cashback / rewards for your order may be automatically updated to the correct cashback amount once it is confirmed by the merchant.

- Cashback / rewards amount will be credited to your account on a per transaction basis.

Please Note:

  • Always start your shopping here
    First visit and signup/login before you shop for anything online.
  • Clear your cookies
    Clear your browser cookies before you shop.
  • We pay you cashback, not the store
    We pay you for your shopping. The online store has no liability to pay cashback.
  • Empty the shopping cart
    Keep your shopping cart empty before you visit the online store via
  • Avoid multiple low value orders
    Multiple low value orders by same user in a day may not be eligible for cashback.
  • How will you pay?
    Payment using gift vouchers/cards/certificates or store credit may not be eligible for cashback.
  • Only Use Coupons from Pennyful
    Use of coupons found outside will void your cashback.
  • Shop in the same session
    Complete your shopping within the same session after going to store via Pennyful.
  • Cashback for what you pay
    Get cashback on final bill amount that you pay at the store excluding taxes and shipping.
  • Disable or pause AdBlockers
    Disable or pause your browser AdBlocker (if you use one) before you click-through to any store via Pennyful. Use of AdBlockers prevents orders and cashback from getting tracked.
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    Consumer Electronics

    Expires in Terms & Conditions
    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Valid only till stocks last
    2. To earn cashback for every transaction, first login/singup at before you shop at a partner store
    3. Always use validated coupons only. You will get cashback over and above the coupon discount.
    4. You will not get cashback if:
    a. you pay for your order using retailers' credits, gift cards or vouchers
    b. you exchange, cancel or return your order (either entirely or partially)
    c. you visit any other coupon, cashback or price comparison websites in the same browser session while placing your order via
    d. you use coupons and deals found outside

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Elite Consumer Electronics Store


Croma is a high-end consumer electronics store with a solid background in offline retail and a likewise reputation in online retail as well. Croma was the first consumer electronics store of its kind in India when it was started. And since its offline establishment, Croma has subsequently expanded to Croma Kiosk, Croma Zip Stores, and, of course,


Regarding Croma’s origin, it is a subsidiary of Tata Sons, and it was first started by Infiniti Retail Ltd. Croma had (and has) a reputation for being one of the world’s leading retailers, and this Tata Sons subsidiary successfully and smoothly runs all of the retail operations related to Croma in India.


Endless Electronics at Croma

As a retail store, Croma has a whopping 6,000 products on sale that ranges over 8 categories of products. The brands they have on offer for these products (i.e., products like phones, kitchen appliances, computers, cameras, etc.) are world-class and up-to-date, making Croma the consumers’ all-consuming choice of store for all kinds of consumer electronic products. To make your purchase easier and at even lower cost, you can avail a Croma coupon or Croma cashback offer from


Other than the many brands they have on offer though, Croma also has its own personal brand of products that are displayed under the banner of “Croma Life Accessories”. The highlight about the Croma Life Accessories label is that it consists of a wonderfully varied range of products that are often innovative as well as unique. From MP4 players to kitchen appliances and air conditioners, an electronics shopper will find some absolutely great products at Croma that is both efficient as well as within affordable price ranges. Hence, even shoppers on a budget would greatly enjoy shopping at Croma. And, to sweeten the deal, there are some Croma discount coupons that comes along with Croma coupon codes that will make purchases at Croma fall well within your budget!


A Team of Experts

Croma doesn’t just offer a delectable variety of electronic products and brands that the consumer can shop through though. For, in addition to that, Croma also has a team of professional advisors who are fully trained and knowledgeable about the products that are available in the store. And it is the job of these store advisors to be on call for their customers in case any shopper has any queries or requires any assistance while buying a product. Because, Croma doesn’t just pride itself on its quality products, but also prides itself on helping their customers effectively meet their needs. So, if you’re shopping for a new camera or computer, or any other kind of electronic product, but are not entirely sure what brand you should buy or what model or features would suit you, just give a call to Croma’s Customer Care service: They’ll answer any questions you might have and put you on the right track to the options that would suit your needs. In addition to this, Croma also offers after-sale support and services to its customers. So in case you’re not that tech-savvy and require assistance even after purchasing your product(s), rest assure that Croma has got your back! works with Croma to make available for its customers some great discount coupons for Croma and Croma cashback offers.


Solid Reputation

Croma’s e-store is relatively new compare to its offline stores. But whether online or offline, Croma keeps a firm hold of its reputation on quality products and services. And, with great product information and descriptions available for every product on their online store, and with home delivery services that are quick and dependable, is the place to go to when you’re on an electronics hunt.


However, before you finish your order of great electronics from Croma, stop by at For, has some great Croma discount coupons as wlell as Croma cashback deals that are exclusively available to Croma shoppers in India. To avail these, simply register at and gain access to a wide plethora of Croma coupons. These discount coupons come with Croma coupon codes that will open the door to great joy. And with that, what more could you possibly need! 

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