Amit Raj Upadhyay

I am using PENNYFUL since last 1 year. I am regular Online shopper so now its my habit to visit any online shopping through PENNYFUL whether I shop on phone or on computer. Saved more than Rs.10000 and that too in cash. Give a try you will fall in love with PENNYFUL. Customer support is simply AWESOME.


Janish Jain

I am using Pennyful,in since one and half to two years and every time I shop I get cashback from their team varying from 1 to 9 percent of the total amount of shopping. I must say the amount is whopping. The mechanism of pennyful is really very good and I appreciate the way they have taken out this way of business which is win win situation for both.

I highly recommend pennyful to my friends and family as the cashback is genuine. The team is genuine. Kudos to your team. Thank You.

Rajib Bisai

Nice apps.

Very trusty apps regarding online cashback ever i have been see.

Bhavesh Patel

My experience is very good with pennyful.

"I am very impressed by the service provided by Pennyful. I am really benefitted in terms of fare amount of cashback. Thanks to Pennyful once again. Keep it up the good service!!!"

Venkata Gopikrishna

I am glad to say that Pennyful is my most trusted site which is providing real cash backs. So many sites will say like that but in real picture they are not providing the real cash backs.

Pennyful has most intelligent tracking technology which will help users without missing even single transaction also. I earned good amount with Pennyful and it's going on. Also Pennyful is giving so many ways to withdraw its cash backs like amazon/flipkart gift vouchers, send to charity etc, which is most wonderful way.

Also customer care also playing a key role to assisting customers with quick response. Due to these many advantages...i always prefer and refer Pennyful.

Tanmay Kundu is a very good & useful website for earning extra cash back when we purchased some things or recharge & bill payment in mobile, dth, gas, electricity etc. I am using this website from 2 months. It has listed many shopping & recharge website. If i purchase from flipkart, they will give me cash back via flipkart gift card. When i face some problems, I informed them via mail or sms, then their CSA call me & solve my issue. I highly recommend this website to all user who purchased& recharge from online.


I am a very happy user of pennyful. Pennyful has provided me the promised cahsbacks and also i would like to say that it is one of the best cashback sites around in the market. Truely they are the pioneers in this segment in India, whereas others are just copy cats in india.

Pennyful has many firsts to its credit in India. My experience with pennyful has been extremely good and i am quite happy to have done my transactions with pennyful, it was a wonderful experience. I thank pennyful for the same.

Deepankar Gupta

It’s been long since I’m using Pennyful for some extra cash and I have a very good experience using the Pennyful. Complete transparency over the cashback amount. P.S you need not worry about the calculations on the order amount to check if it is tracked correctly. Apart from this Pennyful care is very responsive and supportive. So far I have earned around 100 thousands using Pennyful. Great work Pennyful!


Pennyful is one of the greatest platform to earn money while doing online shopping. I have earned lots of money with help of Pennyful.I would like to recommend Pennyful for online users.

Krishna moorthi

I'm using from last 3years. Great site for cashback on online shopping experience and exclusive coupons, special bonus cashback offers in every month. Pennyful always gives tracking alert in via Mobile sms.

Shivam Bansal

Pennyful is one of the best site which i seen in my life as a blogger i use lots of programs but trust me pennyful is best to get cash back.


Awesome concept...Specially for those who rejoices in having Discounts (Cashbacks in this case) over discount..I am so fan of Pennyful that i have made lot of my friends use it. It’s a feel good factor that you get while shopping and motivates you to shop Online more often than not. Please get back cashbacks Amazon.


It's going good. I have used to purchased through Pennyful . So far I have earned lot of money. It's great platform to earn money while doing online shopping. Thanks Pennyful. It's going good. I have used to purchased through Pennyful . So far I have earned lot of money. It's great platform to earn money while doing online shopping. Thanks Pennyful. It's going good. I have used to purchased through Pennyful . So far I have earned lot of money. It's great platform to earn money while doing online shopping.Thanks Pennyful.

Linto M Kuriakose

This is the best site for doing the shopping and also you can try your luck with pennyful,in. The biggest advantage of pennyful is that you can withdraw your cashback even if the amount is Rs.1 in your cashback which is not available in none of the online cashback sites.Once again thank you team members for giving me the prize.

Satish Agrawal

Order tracking is flawless 99% time, so ultra low missing cashback chances.Cashback credit options are easy and smooth.e.g. Cashback into user given bank accounts, Flipkart EGV, Amazon GV. Cashback credit for any amount and not rounded to hundreds only. e.g. if you have accumulated 3183/-, you will be given credit of equivalent cash or GV as per your choice. Time to time promo running for extra cashback offers and deals. Cashback provided in about 7-14 working days post credit request. Clear cashback percentage shown under each website for different category. Higher cashback for shopping on app. Cashback percentage may not be highest of all cashback websites, but definitely on the higher side among all. I have received around 5000/- cashback so far in 3 tranches in the form of Flipkart EGV.

Saravanan Sankarlingam

Through casual browsing, I found this website that promises to give CASHBACK on various purchases through the portals mentioned in their website. Since then I had been using it for my every shopping I do through PENNYFUL.IN. I reached the merchant website, as directed by and shopped as usual. The products got duly delivered to me in time as normal. tracks it and make the cashback available. As promised they will pay the cashback in 30 to 60 mandays by tracking with shopping site. Simply amazed by click tracking they do, never missed a cashback. Thanks and Kudos, worth using it. Than all, we get call from their customer care with tips to ensure successful tracking as well. So yes, the Customer Service is good.!


I always believe pennyful. Pennyful is "The BEST" cask back site ever I know.

Abhinav Jain

No terms and conditions to withdraw your cashback. This is the best part I love about Pennyful. Pennyful supports maximum websites for rewarding you a cashback on shopping. Probably providing the maximum percentage of cashback with many sites. Using Pennyful since 1 year, I earned more than 10, 000 rupees on my online shopping.


By easygoing perusing, I found this site guarantees to give CASHBACK on different buys through the entrances said in their site. Since I had a little shopping, I thought to do my buy through

I achieved the vendor site, as coordinated by and shopped of course. The items got appropriately conveyed to me in time. It was said by that I will get a cashback inside of 1-7 days in my record on their site. I sat tight for a week for the cashback to appear for me at, however it takes some what longer, I got my money back at last. These folks are truly sharing so as to do incredible employment there benefit with us. I would propose you all to in any event allow them to serve you in light of the fact that everybody merit a possibility.

Biplab Sarkar

Feeling blessed to use Pennyful, amazing Pennyful group, extra cashback is easily earned & money is easily transferable to the bank account, great experience here, believe that Pennyful is India’s no.1 online cashback shopping site, great pleasure to use Pennyful, at last once again thank u Pennyful.


Well this guys are genuine and you actually get cashback.

Anandh Jose

Just amazed at the way they function, amazing deals and assured cashback. Requested for a payout and their agent called me on the next day. The best part is that I received the money in my bank account the same day! Great job, guys!

Sachin Sharma

I am using Pennyful from so many days. Extra cashbacks above the normal discounts on various sites. I didn't see any discrepancies in my cash back.The tracking system is very good and the cashbacks redeeming options are also very easy without any t&c.

Mayur Patel

Best cashback website with fast cashback processing time and big positive point is that this website is there is no processing or other fees in this website.


This is the best payback site I have come across and its very very simple. No hassle, don't have to waste time on searching for coupons in different sits and also no need to look for offers, very easy to use, has a great customer support and every time you shop via Pennyful you save as there are all online website available from where you can earn cashback while shopping. Happy Shopping.

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