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About Flipkart

Flipkart, is India’s leading e-commerce platform, created for India by India. Established in 2007, with a focus on selling books, Flipkart has quickly ramped up its operations and now has become a household name for purchasing ‘anything under the sun’, be it electronics, fashion, home kitchen products, baby and kids products and much more! And now, get Flipkart gift cards when you shop at Flipkart via Pennyful. Flipkart gift cards from Pennyful will help you save even more n your online shopping at Flipkart.

Special Conditions:

- You earn when we earn. Pennyful is not liable to pay any cashback / rewards if your order is not tracked or recorded for any reason.

- After being tracked in your account as "Pending", the cashback / rewards for your order may be automatically updated to the correct cashback amount once it is confirmed by the merchant.

- Cashback / rewards amount will be credited to your account on a per transaction basis.

- Get Increased Gift Card Rewards If you Shop via Pennyful at flipkart APP.

Important: Updated Gift Card condition. https://www.flipkart.com/pages/giftcard-tnc

Please Note:

  • Always start your shopping here
    First visit Pennyful.in and signup/login before you shop for anything online.
  • Clear your cookies
    Clear your browser cookies before you shop.
  • We pay you cashback, not the store
    We pay you for your shopping. The online store has no liability to pay cashback.
  • Empty the shopping cart
    Keep your shopping cart empty before you visit the online store via Pennyful.in.
  • Avoid multiple low value orders
    Multiple low value orders by same user in a day may not be eligible for cashback.
  • How will you pay?
    Payment using gift vouchers/cards/certificates or store credit may not be eligible for cashback.
  • Only Use Coupons from Pennyful
    Use of coupons found outside Pennyful.in will void your cashback.
  • Shop in the same session
    Complete your shopping within the same session after going to store via Pennyful.
  • Cashback for what you pay
    Get cashback on final bill amount that you pay at the store excluding taxes and shipping.
  • Disable or pause AdBlockers
    Disable or pause your browser AdBlocker (if you use one) before you click-through to any store via Pennyful. Use of AdBlockers prevents orders and cashback from getting tracked.

How to get real money as Cashback ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions? please visit our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page.


Where every wish comes true!

Flipkart was founded in the year 2007 by two young entrepreneurs and in a short period of time, it has grown so successful that even global competitors are taking notice of it. With their wide range of products and amazing deals, Flipkart leaves no stone unturned to make sure that their slogan comes to life. “Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori” is not just a catchy phrase when it comes to this store. Whether it is clothes, e-books, bestsellers, music, electronic goods, stationary or baby products, Flipkart offers them all at super affordable prices.

Next-Gen Shopping with DigiFlip and Flipkart e-books

Flipkart has branched out to produce premium service in the fields of music, e-books and electronics. With the absolutely free Flipkart e-book app, you can access a variety of free e-books and enjoy a superior reading experience. DigiFlip, Flipkart’s new digital branch, offers high quality electronic devices like tablets and USB cables at a fraction of the normal market rate. All these unique products have been built and designed keeping “you,” the regular Indian online consumer in mind. This is why every sale, offer and price offered by Flipkart seems tailor made for you. It caters to every need of the average Indian consumer.

Shopping made easy!

The Flipkart app is amongst the most downloaded app in India with over 33,000 transactions carried out every day! Its amazing interface, user-friendly technology and superb customer service ensures that shopping anywhere, anytime is hassle-free and total fun! You don’t even have to shop alone anymore! With Ping, you can include all your friends in your online shopping trip and have real live conversations with them before making your choice! With Flipkart, shopping becomes a celebration!

Want it? Get it! Flipkart Coupons Galore!

At Pennyful.in, we want to make your Flipkart experience even better by offering you the best coupons for Flipkart you’ll ever come across! We understand how taxing shopping can be when you’re afraid of stretching your budget but now, that’s all in the past. With a Flipkart coupon, you get to access the best Flipkart Gift Cards back and discount options you can dream of. All you have to do is register on Pennyful.in, choose your favourite coupon for Flipkart and save as you shop! Sounds cool? It doesn’t get easier or better than this!

With hundreds of Flipkart coupons to choose from, you will find yourself surrounded by discount coupons and get Flipkart Gift Cards back that will leave you jumping for joy! Why hold back on your festive season shopping when you have the chance to get nearly 50% off on women’s clothing alone? Deals for electronics are out of the world with over 40% off on exclusive products from top brands like Xiaomi and MasterCell. Clearance sales that include 45% discounts on top-brand televisions are also up for grabs! Simply choose your favourite discount coupon for Flipkart and let your dreams come true!

All you have to do is use the Flipkart coupon code that most appeals to you and avail the discount you wished for! Once you find the coupon offer you absolutely love, type in the corresponding Flipkart coupon code to indulge in a wonderful ‘saving while shopping’ venture that will leave you craving for more! What’s more, these deals are not limited to any number of shopping trips. They offer limitless deals and offers every single time you shop! So no more browsing and window shopping! Select from the wide array of discount coupons for Flipkart or choose your favorite product and get back Flipkart Gift Cards via Pennyful.in and let your every wish come true!


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