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About LensKart

LensKart - Lenskart is now India's fastest growing eyewear business today. They have over 5000 styles of eyewear, which is 5 times more than that of any retailer in India. From big brands like RayBan and Oakley to the best in house brands. From sunglasses to reading glasses to contact lenses, they make everything that can help you see this beautiful world with more clarity. Enjoy special cashback and rewards while you shop your next eyewear by saving with Lenskart Cash Back from Pennyful.

Special Conditions:

- You earn when we earn. Pennyful is not liable to pay any cashback / rewards if your order is not tracked or recorded for any reason.

- After being tracked in your account as "Pending", the cashback / rewards for your order may be automatically updated to the correct cashback amount once it is confirmed by the merchant.

- Cashback / rewards amount will be credited to your account on a per transaction basis.

- Multiple orders of low purchase value by the same user may not be eligible for cashback.

Please Note:

  • Always start your shopping here
    First visit Pennyful.in and signup/login before you shop for anything online.
  • Clear your cookies
    Clear your browser cookies before you shop.
  • We pay you cashback, not the store
    We pay you for your shopping. The online store has no liability to pay cashback.
  • Empty the shopping cart
    Keep your shopping cart empty before you visit the online store via Pennyful.in.
  • Avoid multiple low value orders
    Multiple low value orders by same user in a day may not be eligible for cashback.
  • How will you pay?
    Payment using gift vouchers/cards/certificates or store credit may not be eligible for cashback.
  • Only Use Coupons from Pennyful
    Use of coupons found outside Pennyful.in will void your cashback.
  • Shop in the same session
    Complete your shopping within the same session after going to store via Pennyful.
  • Cashback for what you pay
    Get cashback on final bill amount that you pay at the store excluding taxes and shipping.
  • Disable or pause AdBlockers
    Disable or pause your browser AdBlocker (if you use one) before you click-through to any store via Pennyful. Use of AdBlockers prevents orders and cashback from getting tracked.

How to get real money as Cashback ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions? please visit our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page.


Welcome to a clearer, brighter, shinier world!

Worried about finding the perfect pair of glasses? Tired of your boring spectacles? Now have no fear, as Lenskart is here! The store’s amazing collection of shades, glasses and lenses, gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your boring chunky glasses into your trendiest accessory! Thousands of customers in India swear by Lenskart and its popularity has only steadily increased from its inception in 2010. The store is completely designed to cater to your needs.

Pennyful.in has collaborated with Lenskart to provide exciting Lenskart coupons and real money cashback offers that will make your shopping experience all the more joyous. With the convenient and stunning at-home services and spectacular customer service, available all at once, why go anywhere else?

Superior eye-care brought to your doorstep!

Lenskart has made its mark by introducing services that are completely unique and customer-oriented. The absolutely brilliant Lenskart exchange service lets you exchange your new shades for another pair in case you’re not satisfied. Lenskart is with you until you find the perfect pair of glasses. The ‘At Home Trial Service’ is yet another pioneering initiative by Lenskart. Now you can order five pairs of glasses at the same time and choose one from the comfort of your home. This one of a kind offer literally brings the showroom to your house and makes sure that you find a pair of glasses or shades that brings out the star in you. Moreover, with the splendid Lenskart coupons and cashback offers from Pennyful.in, be sure to get an amazing shopping experience!

Lenskart also offers complete eye check-up services where a representative brings state of the art testing tools to your home. All they ask is a room and a table to set up their equipment and they’re ready to begin. So now you can get your eyes checked, change your glasses if required or get brand new stylish glasses all at one place. You and your family can now enjoy premier eye care without the hassles of going to a hospital.

The Lenskart experience is never too far away!

To make your shopping experience even better, Lenskart introduced a gorgeous app that makes shopping on the go fun and simple! Over 5 million downloads have been recorded so far and its success is largely due to the fact that it is attractive, effective and easy to use. What’s more, you get access to several Lenskart discount coupons that make the deal even sweeter.

Happiness guaranteed!

Pennyful.in brings the best discount coupons for Lenskart to your fingertips and all you have to do is register for free and start choosing from the wide range! Once you find your favorite Lenskart coupon, simply click to find out your Lenskart coupon code to avail an exciting discount! It does not get better than this!

Shopping at Lenskart is fun but what if you could earn cashback as you shop, that too every single time you shop? Sounds like heaven? We’ve got all the miracles you need right here at Pennyful.in! Save a percentage of what you spend with the amazing Lenskart coupons and get real money cashback and experience the joy of shopping as you save.

With all this and more offered just for you, why be satisfied with just one pair of glasses? Get a trendy pair for parties and a formal pair for work. Get the coolest shades for that long ride on your special date. Be the trendsetter in your college with the most amazing pair of stylish glasses available. You can do all this and save money with the Lenskart cashback offer! Let the Lenskart coupon codes be your channel to a new brighter, shinier life! Play On!

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LensKart Cashback Rates

Get Cashback for every valid order at LensKart through Pennyful.in!

  • Purchase
  • New User
    ? You must be a new user to LensKart
  • Repeat User
    ? You must be an existing user to LensKart
  • Flat Cashback
    • 5.6% 5.6%
    • 5.6% 5.6%
    • 0% 0%

Maximum Cashback: Upto Rs. 140

lenskart.com is my favorite online lens store as they have very good collection of lenses and frames and shopping on lenskart.com through Pennyful doubled the fun. Pennyful have awesome cashback offers which I didn’t see anywhere else.

Satya Pai, Firozpur, Punjab

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