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About MapMyGenome

Mapmygenome is a molecular diagnostics company to make people proactive about their health. They offer personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people to get to know about themselves. By combining genetic health profile and health history with genetic counseling, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians towards a healthier life. Mapmygenome is focused on preventive health-care through healthy habits. Founded in January 2013, Mapmygenome started as India’s pioneering Genomics Company with a vision to provide "Better Health for Indians using technology." Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, we connect to people across the globe with our business development executives, e-tailers, Brand Affiliates, and distributors. In March 2015, Mapmygenome raised a Pre Series A round of funding from multiple investors. Genomepatri – MRP Rs 25000 Genomepatri™ is a simple, saliva-based test to decode your DNA and predict genetic risks. It tracks your inherited and acquired genetic health risks for 120+ conditions. The results give insights into genetic edisposition to certain health conditions, traits, lifestyle tendencies, drug efficacy, and more, helping you pre-empt a majority of health risks. In combination with genetic counselling, this becomes a master plan to better health, lifelong. Genomepatri Lite – MRP Rs 15000 Genomepatri™ Lite is a DNA-based test that takes you a step closer to you. With a simple swab of saliva, you can gain better insights to the role of genes in defining you - right from your resilience gene to fitness and lifestyle habits, from eating pattern to skin pigmentation. In addition, you can learn about your genetic predisposition to 50 physiological and lifestyle traits, health conditions and inherited ditions. Our health counselors correlate your health history with genetic findings and give you an action plan that works best for you. Genomepatri Cardio – MRP Rs 15000 Is a DNA-based predictive risk assessment and management panel for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This test gives you the risk for various heart diseases and diabetes, associated factors,lifestyle factors, and dug responses, as well as nutrition and fitness recommendations. Genomepatri Gynaec – MRP Rs 15000 Is a women’s wellness predictive panel from Mapmygenome. This revolutionary test reveals your genetic predisposition to key functions of women’s health – endocrine and reproductive systems, bone health, obesity and lipid levels, lifestyle traits, and cancers (including BRCA, breast and ovarian cancers). Genomepatri Onco – MRP Rs 15000 Is a simple DNA-based test to assess your genetic predisposition to 17+ cancers, physiological traits known to trigger cancers, and lifestyle traits that can contribute to the risk of cancer. Prognostics helps with early detection and risk mitigation. Genomepatri Brain – MRP Rs 15000 Is a simple DNA-based test helps find your genetic predisposition to neurological, psychiatric, and cognitive health and lifestyle tendencies. Combined with genetic counseling, it is a powerful aid in understanding the onset and progress of neurological and psychiatric health problems. Sugargene – MRP Rs 4500 Is a genetic test that gives the genetic predisposition to Type 2 Diabetes, risk factors, complications,treatment options, and nutrigenomics. Lifestyle traits and drug responses are also predicted on the basis of DNA mutations. This test is recommended in combination with genetic counseling to chart out the next step of action for individuals. SlimGene – MRP Rs 4000 Is a simple, smart solution that can take you many steps closer to achieving your ideal weight. This DNA- based test analyzes genetic predisposition to appetite, eating habits, fat storage, fat absorption,metabolism and obesity. It is a DNA-based weight management tool that empowers your fitness and diet plans. BabyMap Carrier (Single) – MRP Rs 30000 BabyMap carrier screening provides you and your physician with information regarding your reproductive risks and how they may impact your future children. BabyMap NBS – MRP Rs 30000 BabyMap is an NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) based test for newborn screening. This test looks at 71 developmental, genetic, and metabolic disorders like thalassemia, congenital hypothyroidism, sickle cell disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, male syrup urine disease etc. By looking at genetic mutations, BabyMap addresses a few challenges associated with current biochemical tests like false positive, false negative, and delayed manifestation of the disease. BabyMap Couple – MRP Rs 50000 BabyMap is an NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) based test for carrier screening which provides you and your physician with information regarding your reproductive risks and how they may impact your future children. BabyMap couple cover both you and your partner for a more comprehensive analysis of genetic information. BabyMap Family – MRP Rs 65000 BabyMap family screening is a comprehensive test that provides you and your physician with information regarding your reproductive risks and your newborns risks for developing genetic conditions and provides you with recommendations to keep the conditions under check. This test covers all three, the parents and the newborn child. Process: Once the customer requests a test. We dispatch the box containing the sample collection buccal swab kit and informed consent forms. The customer can request a pickup as per their convenience as soon as they have the sample ready for collection. All tests have a turnaround time of 5-6 weeks.

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