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About Nykaa

Nykaa.com is a leading one-stop online store for all your beauty and wellness needs. With about 200 brands and more than 10,000 products, Nykaa.com offers a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body and luxury products for women and men.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Best Online Beauty Care Store in India


Nykaa is your one-stop destination for all things related to beauty and self-care. This online beauty store is specifically and painstakingly designed for the Indian women. And its main purpose, by its own definition, is to be every Indian woman’s “beauty buddy”.


A Young and Vibrant Beauty Store


As far as online stores go, Nykaa is relatively new and young. But, in just two years, Nykaa has become all that it had aimed to be: The beginning and end of all the beauty-care products, advice, and tips that Indian woman could ever need. They have around 300 brands, with the number of products easily ranging to a whopping 15,000. And when Nykaa says they’re into self-care and cosmetics for women, they aren’t beating around the bush: For Nykaa deals in makeup products, perfume and fragrance products, skin-care products, hair-care products, wellness products, luxury treatment products, and bathing and body-care products. In other words, if you’re looking for any kind of cosmetics at all, just hop over to the online store for Nykaa and you’ll find what you need. With Pennyful.in you can now purchase all kinds of cosmetics at reduced prices with the Nykaa discount coupons. And with the Nykaa cashback offers you get back a percentage of the money that you spend. 


Wide-Ranging Beauty Products for Every Preference

Their wide-ranging variety of products that was included to satisfy every woman’s preferences is one of the main things Nykaa prides itself on. If you want to get your hands on genuine, branded cosmetic products but are also in love with discounts, be sure to get the Nykaa coupon code, which will get you stunning discounts. So, every time you want to purchase some beauty products, visit Pennyful.in to take your pick from the amazing discount coupons for Nykaa. The coupons for Nykaa will ensure that you have more for less in the form of discounts and cashbacks every time you make a purchase.


Caters Extensively to Indian Women


As far as Nykaa’s customer demographic is concerned, Nykaa reaches out to Indian women in all corners of the country. Nykaa has ties with experienced, dependable, and top courier companies in the country too, by way of which their quality products are delivered to their customers across various states. The coupons for Nykaa from Pennyful.in gives you the Nykaa coupon codes that make their products easily affordable too.



Services Extending Past that of a Mere Beauty Store


What’s extra neat about Nykaa as a beauty store though is that it doesn’t stop at just having a lot of products in its catalogue and selling it to their customers while offering great discount coupons for Nykaa via Pennyful.in. Nykaa also offers its customers advice and consultations on various beauty and nutrition related queries. This online store even has a beauty and makeup blog titled “Beauty Book”, wherein leading professionals in the beauty industry answer all your queries. Nykaa also has a “Virtual Makeover” tool on their online store which allows their customers to try different styles and makeup to see how they would look.


Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry One Woman at a Time


Nykaa wants to be known as the last name regarding “beauty” in India in all facets of this niche, and it is steadily working towards that goal. Their conscientious approach to self-care for the Indian woman is putting Nykaa on the map. Just drop by Pennyful.in for Nykaa discount coupons when you want to shop and you’ll have that much more spending power to lavish on yourself. Moreover, with the Nykaa cashback offers, be sure to save with every purchase that you make. 

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