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About Oyo Rooms

OYO Rooms is the fastest branded network of budget hotels. OYO Rooms has more than 200 hotels under its brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Oyo Rooms

Exclusive Hotel Rooms for Travel Plans

OYO Rooms is a unique online website that solely deals with aiding people in finding hotel rooms for lodging while they are away from home. This is not a travel store, though. The mission and vision of OYO rooms is to ensure that their customers or users can book a great hotel room to stay in wherever their particular travel destination (or destinations) may be at the time. And a quick stop over at Pennyful.in before your book a hotel from OYO Rooms will give you the added advantage of having an OYO Rooms discount coupon or OYO Room cashback deals to pick too!


Slow and Steady Growth

OYO Rooms began in 2013, wherein they had about one property to their name that customers could book rooms in online. And their growth from then to now has been a steady progress story: From one property at the time of its inception, OYO Rooms quickly moved on to three properties within six months of its launch. By the middle of 2014 (the following year), OYO Rooms progressed to thirteen properties in which their users could book hotel rooms. And currently, this hotel-booking store has a whopping number of 25,000 properties to choose from in an equally diverse number of destinations! Pennyful.in further helps out OYO Rooms’ customers in picking a hotel to book at their travel destination by offering OYO Rooms coupons and OYO Rooms cashback offers that they can use while making their booking at never before prices.

Top Quality Rooms across the Country

OYO Rooms was started to make hotel booking at various destinations easier for people. This business aims to provide a vast number of dependable, quality-oriented, standardized hotel rooms all over India that their customers can find, book, and stay at ease while they are away from their homes. OYO Rooms also understands the need for affordable rooms to be available for travelers, and thus offers rooms at budgets that hardly any other option in this field offers today. And, by OYO Rooms’ own definition, their main aim is to revolutionize the way people live while traveling. Hence, all across their 25,000-plus properties range over at least 126 cities in India. And, considering that these hotels are branded, the prices they offer at OYO Rooms for booking a hotel to stay in are pretty affordable. Plus, now customers can make their stay away from home even more affordable by first picking up an OYO Rooms coupon which will give them an OYO Rooms coupon code. This code is to key to discounts while booking their hotel stays. There are a number of discount coupons for OYO Rooms that one can pick up at Pennyful.in.

User-Friendly Website

Till date, OYO Rooms has up to 15 lakh hotel rooms booked. And a main portion of the credit for the simplicity and ease of use of the online store goes to the fact that OYO Rooms’ functionality is driven by technology. Their online store and consequent rooms-booking functions are via up-to-date technology that is constantly maintained and supervised in order to provide customers a smooth and easy experience.

Extensive Availability of Various Hotels

As for the sheer variety and the number of the hotels that OYO Rooms offers, their current count of having properties over (at least) 126 cities is not a small feat. And their aim is to keep going till not a single city or area in India left out. Plus, Pennyful.in’s great OYO Rooms cashback offers and OYO Rooms coupons make booking all the more affordable.

So the next time you have to travel, whether that is for work, a vacation, a small trip, or for any other reason, OYO Rooms will help you plan your stay with ease! 

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